And Here We Go

Dear Friends
I am excited to share some news with you that I have been considering and have now decided to take on with an unbounded optimism.

It is time for me to elevate what has been passionate support for my home, our city, to another level. I feel that I can best serve this mission by running for a seat on Wilkes-Barre City Council, in District C, where I have lived, raised a family and worked throughout the past 26 years. More than ever, the time is now to work together to bring a spirit of hope, respect and reverence for our home by expecting accountability of not only our leaders, our administration and all of its departments throughout the city, but also from ourselves as citizens.

While I care about all things in the city, you can expect a focus on fiscal responsibility with an expectation that taxes paid by our residents and business partners are spent wisely. I ask for all of us to evoke a sense of urgency in restoring the appearance of our city which includes the cleanliness of our streets, parks, business centers and neighborhoods. I expect our leaders to have a commitment to preserve our assets while partnering with those that wish to move our city forward with new investments, securing our future all while providing a welcoming, progressive and safe area for visitors. I also believe there are opportunities to work together with community groups and non-profits, which will alleviate budget concerns that support the mission of a more beautiful and safer Wilkes-Barre.

Throughout the years, many of you have encouraged me in this direction & I am ready to serve. I am hopeful that I can earn support and your VOTE, as I embark on this exciting journey.